Friday, February 25, 2011

Bake Sale

Just last Tuesday, my friend, Becky, and I had a bake sale at the school we are enrolled with (since we are both home schooled.) We baked for my fundraiser, and raised $108.10! It was so much fun!

Sunday afternoon we baked up a storm. This is what we made:


-(Egg-less) Chocolate Chip Cookies

-Chocolate chip banana bread

-Scottish Shortbread

-And last but not least...... we baked a whole cake! I'll tell you the story.........

We were planning on making cupcakes and were discussing the creative ways we were going to decorate them, but unfortunately though, we accidentally baked two cakes! We were following a vanilla“cake” recipe, and were planning to pour the batter into a muffin pan, but when the recipe said to pour the batter into a cake pan, we just followed the instructions. We didn't even notice our mistake until Becky's sister asked, “Why are you baking cakes?” We were so bummed out, and couldn't believe that we had made that kind of mistake! We had worked especially hard on our 'cupcakes', even splitting the recipes in half so that we would have chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Then, not only did we bake cakes instead of cupcakes, they didn't come out of the pans properly, and fell apart. I guess we didn't grease the pans enough. We were able to piece the vanilla one back together, but the chocolate one was a whole different story :) (It was very yummy, though!) Eventually we laughed about it, but it took a little while.

Despite the cupcake fiasco, we had a blast, and the bake sale was a success! Thank you to everyone who supported us and bought our baking. We are hoping to do it again before summer break!

We didn't sell the vanilla cake, so we gave it to some special neighbors, who enjoyed it very much!


  1. Honey, you make me cry everytime I read your posts. You are making the biggest difference in the world you can. I am so proud of you! Baby Bing's SWI will be so blessed by you. We are going to tell them all about you! We've already told our agency all about you, and they were speachless!

    so so so love you!

  2. Sharaya! i just saw a bit about your bake sale in the homeschool newsletter! Our children are registered through that school as well. When I saw your photo I did a double take and had to jump on over here to see if I was right. Great work on the bake sale! :)
    Mrs. Peters