Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Fun Party!

Two weeks ago, we celebrated my Great - Grandma Bernyce’s 90th birthday! There were about 80 people there - very close friends from her childhood, and extended family. It was very neat meeting family I had never met - or maybe I had met, but don’t remember meeting!
The party was mostly organized by a hotel who set up the tables, and cooked and served the food and beverages. The place was beautiful and the food was delicious! My Auntie Dianne brought the flowers, cakes and pictures of Grandma when she was younger for each table, and my family brought a “Happy Birthday” banner.

Wow! I will never forget that party! I could tell my Grandma felt so touched and happy! She was so excited about it, and even more excited about seeing her friends and family. Some people travelled for hours through a blizzard to make it. It was a blast!

My family and I created a family scrapbook for her. We all decorated a page, and glued in pictures of each of us with her. We had a lot of fun making it, and she absolutely loves it! My brother Ashton, my Grammy, my Mom and I, wrote poems for my Grandma. We recited them at her party, and posted them in her scrapbook. We all wrote about special memories we had with her, and mine was about candle holders she gave me for a birthday present last year. They belonged to my Great - Great Grandma Campbell (Grandma Bernyce’s mom).
I was thrilled and touched that she gave me something that was so special to her!

This is the poem that I wrote and recited :)

What a Treasure!

To surprise me before my 13th birthday,
My thoughtful Grandma came by one day,
And presented me with a beautiful gift
Which I unwrapped, curious and swift.

I cut open the box, which was wrapped tightly with tape,
So of course, nothing could fall out, break, or escape.
And there I saw, as I untied the packaging,
Two precious candle holders which looked absolutely enthralling!

With a gasp and then glee, joy, and enthusiasm,
I smiled and said “I absolutely love them”!

Grandma looked pleased, as she gave me pink candles
“These were your great, great Grandma Campbell’s”

Amazed, I proclaimed with much thrill and pleasure,
“Thank you Grandma, so much...What a treasure!”

For generation to generation, this treasure of glass,
One day to my children I surely will pass!

And with them stories of you and the love that we share,
Thank you, Dear Grandma, for all your love and care.

Also, here are some pictures from the party :)

Beautiful pic of my Grandma

My Papa Rox! (The Master of Ceremonies :)

My brother Ashton

My mom

My brother Caiden

My Grammy

My hilarious Grandpa Reg!

Family scrapbook

We gave her a shirt that said:
"This is what a really fabulous 90 year old looks like!"

Lindsay (my uncle's girlfriend) with Grandma

My family

My exceptionally cute brothers with Grandpa :)

I love you so much, Grandma! I pray that you will have such a wonderful 9th decade!

P.S Thanks Lindsay for taking the pictures!