Sunday, January 23, 2011

My $200 Congee Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Some friends, the Yang family, from church came over for a visit today. Mrs. Yang gave me (and her daughters, Katie and Priscilla) a congee cooking lesson. In case your wondering what congee is, it's a type of rice porridge/rice soup that is eaten in many Asian countries. It can be made with chicken, pork, or beef (and I think fish too). Because it is so nutritious, soft and easy to chew and digest, and inexpensive to make, orphanages in China make it for the children. Many orphanages serve it once a day, and some serve it more than once a day.

The Yangs eat congee often for breakfast, and as a comfort food. We had so much fun!

Ok, this is where it gets exciting...When I told my dad that I was going to make congee and blog about it, he had a brilliant idea that I could do more than just make it. He thought that I should maybe try living on it for a few days, and raise some more money while I'm at it (instead of just waiting around to get my hair cut). I though that this was a great idea! My dad said that it would help me understand what it is like for those orphans who eat it everyday. So here's our idea: So far the total donation amount is at $245, but if I can get around $200 more donated through the "Chip In" button at the top right hand corner of my blog, I will eat the congee we made today three times a day for three days in a row (9 meals, and nothing else. No snacks and only water to drink). This will be pretty intense, folks! After three days, I will let you know what my perspective is on eating the same meal day after day, just like many orphans have to. Here is the best part: since this was my dad's idea, my mom thought that maybe he should do it too. At first he said no, but then I fluttered my eyelashes at him (he can never resist that). I am happy to say that he's in, but the deal is only if I raise $400 before Thursday, January 27th. The congee is already in the fridge, so I need donations fast. I'll start tomorrow morning and hope that the money will be donated. I am going to bed now, and my mom is now going to attach the pictures. Remember, this is for a great cause! (If you don't know about it, read my first post). Thank you so much for all of your support! Let's get my dad in on it! :)


  1. I don't think you could be anymore awesome! Actually, I think that every time I am reminded what you are doing, then, you do something like this... and I'm once again, amazed, and left thinking, you could not be any more awesome!

    Oh, and Curtis... just so you are not stuck with this alone... how about... if we hit 500$, I'll eat Congee for 3 days too!

    Can I make Congee with Coffee?

  2. Ahhhh! I can't believe you're gonna do this! So amazing!...I'll forward this to everyone I know.


  3. Wow! How wonderful to see the joy you get in helping others and especially helping the little ones in this world who have no one to fight for them. I can hope that my children will have a heart like you!

    I have gotten to know Adrian and especially Roberta through our blogging and our Zhongshan Orphanage online group. (The same orphanage where they adopted Ping and we are adopting our little Xi Hua.) They are delightful, funny, encouraging and well... an awesome family!

    I look forward to following along!

  4. I just finished my Congee Meal #2! Thank you everyone who has donated already today! $95 so far! Yay!

  5. I posted about this on my blog today. I hope you don't mind.

    Joyful Mama (Roberta's on-line buddy at We are Grafted In).

  6. Hi! My name is Shannon and I just read your blog to my six year old daughter Ravenna (who is adopted from China) inspired her and she is going to do Locks for Love too! We just got back from doing a mission trip to and orphanage in Mexico where Ravenna made paper airplanes and raised money to help the orphans there. She has a blog too! It is

    Thanks for being such an awesome light for the Lord!

  7. @Adrian: I don't think adding coffee counts, but a great idea nonetheless! Actually, I haven't thought about having to give up coffee. I don't think I can do that...(starting to feel a panic attack coming on) It's really too bad we're forty four hundred kms apart; I could really use some in-person male camaraderie right now.

  8. Well, little Miss Sharaya-You are learning many good lessons on this Journey of Love and experiencing Joy in the midst of it.
    May I come and watch your dad enjoy his dinner?
    I will cheer him on.
    Love you!

  9. Hi Sharaya,
    I am trying to "chip in" but I keep getting a Pay Pal error! I work with your dad ( and am currently on maternity leave) and I will send a cheque for $20 to your dad at work. No sesame oil on the congee, right? ; )
    You are doing a great thing. Your parents must be really proud of you!

    Sarah G

  10. I tried to click on the "chip in" link too, but it's not working (as Sarah G said). I think what you're doing is awesome! Please get some help to fix the "chip in" link, as I'm sure you will get some donations!

  11. Hey guys, I'm helping admin the site for Shayah - if you are having problems with the Chip In, please drop me an email. There should be some new information right below the Chip In button to help you get in contact with me so we can fix the problem.


  12. Is there still time to make your dad eat congee? I know that you are capable of doing this Sharaya, but I'm not sure about your dad...

    just kidding. This is a great idea, and I'm sure you'll have a meaningful time doing this (and ejoying some excellent Chinese cooking too.)

    I'm actually thinking of doing a fundraiser where I eat nothing but chow mein, sweet & sour pork, lemon chicken....mmm. I guess that's not as much of a sacrifice though.

    best wishes Sharaya and Curtis!

    Mike Roth