Wednesday, November 23, 2011

They're Coming Home from China Tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

My mom and Mrs. Berzenji are in China! Actually they’re coming home tomorrow...I really apologize for not writing! We’ve been really busy (as you would imagine:). Wow! They have Lukai! Amazing moment! Here is Mr. Berzenji’s blog. He blogged all about it, (and it will fill you in on what happened:). I also added an email my mom sent during the week about it. Wonderful!

Hi Everyone,

Today we went back to the government agency to sign papers and pay fees and make everything official. Shortly after we got back our guide came to say that the foster family wanted to come for a visit. Yay!!! Roberta was so hoping for that. They came to see that Lukai was in a good home, not to see him and confuse him. Foster mom grabbed Roberta's hand the moment she got there and didn't let go for the entire visit. She burst into tears and the first words out of her mouth were, "he is so naughty!". :) She kept saying, "I feel so good, I trust you." She was so happy to hear that Lukai would be learning chinese, and that they want to bring him back to visit. Her son-in-law wrote down her home phone # and skype #. Very emotional for Roberta, and such a blessing. I looked after Lukai, with Dawson in our room. He is a delightful child...he is all boy, and totally out-going (and a little naughty :) He has a smile that lights up the room, and he smiles a lot. He takes correction really well, I think. He likes to throw things, and he loves any moving vehicles. He sat really nicely in the van, and even fell asleep. I am hoping he will be as excited about the airplane! He has a lot of energy, so we are hoping to get out of the hotel more tomorrow.

We are bushed, and are counting the minutes until we can all crash. We are trying to keep Lukai awake for a bit longer in the hopes that he will sleep all night.

I was able to take him to the bathroom on his first outing today. Roberta had gone downstairs to get a photocopy of a document when he let me know that he had to go. Dawson and I raced him to the squatty potty and he went. He beamed when I cheered, and gave me a high-five.

Roberta tried to take him swimming this afternoon, but he did not want to go in. He looked pretty cute in the swimsuit, though.

Yes, I missed her a lot! So did my brothers and dad, of course:) Wow! It went by fast, though! It went a lot better than I thought, and it actually wasn’t that bad! :)

Thank you Jesus for bringing Lukai home!

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