Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Special Song

I would like to share a very special video created by two sisters, Annaka Koldyk Cowieson and Krista Koldyk. (When my mom and dad were dating, they used to babysit them when they were little girls). A couple of years ago, Annaka went to volunteer for a month at an orphanage in Haiti called God's Littlest Angels, to love, and cuddle baby orphans! This slideshow is made from the pictures from Annaka's visit, and Krista is singing a song that she wrote.

Even though this song is dedicated to the Haiti orphanage, I really wanted to share this because it shows how much God loves his little orphans, and how much He cares about them.

When my mom and I first watched this video, I was very teary and filled with happiness because it tells us that God is watching over his littlest angels! It reminds me of Hebrews 13:5. I will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you”. I love that verse because God promises never to leave us.

Just recently, I remembered this song when I was thinking about Bing, and how he is soon to be adopted! I thought it would fit perfectly because God is watching over Bing right now, even though he doesn't know that his new family is already making plans to come and take him home. I am including some pictures of Bing's orphanage or Social Welfare Institute/ SWI. (Actually, he is living in a foster home supported by this SWI, and the money we raise will be going to this specific Institute.)

Also, I should let you know that even though the Chip In button says that $726.86 have been donated, the total is actually closer to $1300!* So thank you again Everybody!

* The Chip In button isn't working properly and the totals haven't been updated, plus, lots of people have been sending money and cheques in the mail, which we have been sending on to the Berzenji family.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful...thank you for posting Sharaya. The last picture/slide in the video reminded me that when you do go and do work like that, unless you stay there forever, you will eventually have to say goodbye...I have heard of people going places to do work similar to that and when they left they realized the left part of their heart there. It must be so hard to leave. Yet I think that's why God makes it hard, so that if it's in His will, those people will go back and further His kingdom even more. It's a good reminder (at least for me) that we all have a part in Jesus' work, and we are called to help people everywhere; we don't even need to go far...I need to learn to be a servant where I am! So thank you.

  2. Sharaya,

    Wow I'm all choked up now!
    That was such an encouraging video!

    Krista's voice is so beautiful! Does she have her own blog?

    I agree with what Hannah said about being a servant wherever you are.

    At first when I started baking for Haiti, I didn't really think that the money I was raising would make much of a difference. But I know now that every bit of help counts.

    Thank you so much for this Sharaya, all of your posts have really touched me, and have helped me to see things in a different way. What you're doing is so spectacular!

    xo Brielle