Saturday, January 8, 2011

Very First Post!

Hello! My name is Sharaya. Welcome to my very first blog! I invite you to join me on this very special countdown to my ''Haircut for Adoption!'' Day. I have been growing my hair long for the past three years. I plan to get it cut to show support for a very special family, the Berzenjis, who are going to adopt a little girl or boy from China. (They have already done this once before!) Once they receive their child's referral, I will post their child's photo here, and photos of the orphanage that the money will go to, and then we will set a date for the Big Day!

My main goal for this blog is to help raise money for the orphanage donation that they will be making when they arrive in China to meet their new child. If you would like to contribute, that would be wonderful! Just click the Chip In button on the right. Also, here's the link to the Berzenjis blog: (Mr. Berzenji, I love keeping up with your blog! I also love your sense of humour!)

Another reason why I have decided to start a blog is to get the word out about the thousands of children in China who need families. As I research and learn new things, I'll keep you posted! If you have any links to blogs or websites you think I should check out, let me know!

Now I'll tell you a little about myself and my family.......

I am twelve years old. I love to read, sew, cook/bake, embroider, dance, sing, play the piano and clean,( yes, I like to clean:). We are a homeschooling family... and I love it! My favourite subjects in school are Bible, Math, and English. I am the oldest (princess) of the family with three exceptionally cute brothers! (Sorry Asht:) Ashton is ten, Caiden is six, and Brennan is three, (but he thinks he's seven!) I have the most wonderful family in the world!!

And finally I would like to tell you about the Berzenji family, (because I have a feeling I'm going to be mentioning the Berzenjis all through my blog!) We've known the Berzenjis for as long as I can remember! Kole is the oldest, and is also the same age as I am. Dawson is the same age as Ashton, Gemma is just a few months older than Caiden, and Ping is a year older than Brennan. We met them when I was two years old at church. After a while, they moved to one city, and we moved to another. They have remained very special friends, though!

A year ago, the Berzenjis adopted Ping from China. She was about three when they met her. Kole, Mr. Berzenji, and Mrs. Berzenji flew to China to bring her home. On their way back from China, their plane stopped in our city, and we eagerly met them at the airport. It was so much fun seeing the Berzenjis, and meeting Ping for the first time! Ping soooo cute! I am hoping they

stop here again, the next time they travel home from China.

Thanks for reading my very first post!


Oh, one more thing...In case you are wondering, I am going to donate my hair to the Cancer Society so they can make a wig for a child with cancer who needs one.


  1. Yay!! Proud of you Shaya! You will change so many lives with this! Can't wait to watch the journey. Love you! xo

  2. Thanks for letting us know of your blog and this wonderful thing you are doing. Looking forward to following this adventure.

  3. Shar, you leave me speachless. You are such an amazing , loving, generous young lady. Our family is so very blessed to call you a friend. I pray that this experience will impact you as you learn about the wonderful world of adoption'. Your heart has already hugely impacted ours!

    love you.....

  4. Hi Sharaya! We are so proud of you for stepping out of the box and doing what you love, helping little people who need help! You have a big heart for Jesus and He's so proud of you too!
    We're looking forward to hearing and seeing all about your journey!

    We love you!!!

  5. hey sharaya

    I love your blog! Thank you for mentioning me.

    I feel important now. Thank you again for suppurting us again. You will be helping 100's to 1000'ds of children.

    -kole =)

  6. Sharaya - Congratulations on your very own blog!! You already have more followers than me! I know you'll do great and I'm so pleased with your determination to support the Berzenjis! Way to go!! Love you - Daddy xoxox

  7. Hi Sharaya. You are going to look bald after your hair cut, but I think its good that you want to help orphans!

    Ashton xoxoxo

    P.S. Don't call me cute!

  8. That right Ashton! We're "Rough and Rugged"! Not cute! Definately not cute. :-)

  9. Hi Sweetie,
    Papa and I are so proud of you,and we are looking forward to following you on this journey of love.
    PS don't worry- You are NOT going to look bald. You will look absolutely smashing with your new haircut

  10. Hey Sharaya,

    congrats on the new blog - it looks really awesome!

    I think that's a great thing to do, donating your hair for orphanages and kids with cancer... very generous! Keep us posted...

    Mike and Jana Roth

  11. Sharaya - I'm so thrilled that Mrs. Berzenji shared your blog with me! What a wonderful heart Jesus is growing in you! And I am so delighted to see the way He is moving you to action. I just know that many will be excited to follow along as you get ready to give your special gift to not only the Berzenji Family, but also to the Canadian Cancer Society.
    From Mrs. Peters, Jesus following, Homeschooling, Adoptive Mom & friend of the Berzenji family. (May I link to your blog in a post? Please ask your folks first!) :)

  12. Hi Sharaya

    Its like you been living my live. I hate cutting my hair and I want to donate it but my mom (Roberta) keeps cutting it.>=( My bro (dawson)got a camera and wont stop talking about it.

    I feel so sorry about the orphans in China, they can't have long hair.=(

    love the blog

  13. Very Cool! blessings on you as you walk out this journey. good on ya!