Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Just Hair

A week ago, my Uncle Gordon, and his girlfriend, Lindsay, took me out on a surprise date, to see the movie “Tangled” in 3D. I loved it! When I was talking about the movie with my mom later, it got us thinking about my upcoming haircut, and remembering the last one three years ago......

When I was nine, I decided to cut my hair for the Canadian Cancer Society. My friend, Christine, and her sister Rebecca, were already going to do it, and invited me to do it with them.

I didn't do it because I wanted to cut my hair. I did it because I liked the idea of making a wig for a child who needed one. We had just visited my Auntie Lil who had cancer. She showed me her wig. I felt sad that she didn't have her real hair, but pretty happy that she had a wig to wear. (My Auntie Lil passed away last April 2010.)

In the weeks leading up to my hair cut, I raised more than $900 thanks to my generous family and friends! Right before the “Big Day,” a reporter from the local newspaper came to our house to“interview” Christine, Rebecca and I. She took a couple pictures, and also asked us some questions. It was fun being interviewed for the newspaper!!! The”Big Day” finally came, and we had breakfast with a group of police officers who had just finished the Cops for Cancer bike ride. Once we arrived at the mall (where I was getting my hair cut) I had goose bumps crawling up my arms, and also felt like I had butterflies floating around in my stomach! I was very excited, and also pretty nervous! I was especially nervous when I found out I would be getting my hair cut on stage in front of a lot of strangers!!! Even the mayor came to the event. After my ponytail was cut, we got to go to the “Beauty Salon” for FREE!!! I got to pick out the style I wanted, I picked a “bob”style!I remember lots of people taking my picture, and lots of people congratulating me. I also remember feeling very proud of myself. (Now I understand that that's not the point! ) To be honest, I really didn't know I was going to get so much attention, and it was a little overwhelming. :) It was a BIG event!

Later, after it was all over and when it was just me and my mirror, I cried. I cried because I felt that I didn't look as “beautiful” without my long hair. I really liked having long hair, and I liked the compliments people gave me. I knew I would miss being able to put it in braids and fancy styles. I also cried because I thought I looked younger. Now this was a big deal to me because all my friends were older, and looked older, and I always wanted to fit in.

To be honest, this time around, I am still a little bit concerned about looking younger, because I am still younger and smaller than many of my friends. (I'm not naming any names, but you know who you are! :) Since I have done this once before, this time I am definitely looking at things a bit differently. I am more prepared, and I see that outward beauty doesn't count as much as the inside does. That's why I don't want it to become about me, me, me (like it did last time). The main point is that I am blessing someone with cancer who doesn't have what I have (hair), and orphans in China who need so much. I am excited because I can bless other people with this gift that God gave me.

I've been also thinking about girls in orphanages in China who have never been able to grow their hair long. They probably aren't allowed to because having long hair would be a lot of trouble; it would take a lot of shampoo, it would take quite a while to brush everybody's hair, and then there's the lice problem...

It is silly of me to think about beauty when they are probably rarely ever told they're beautiful.

This time I am definitely not going to cry in the bathroom (because I know that I am helping kids who need help). I am definitely not going to focus on all the attention (even though this time I am blogging about it, and the whole world knows about it! :) This time I definitely don't want it to become about me (no hoopla this time!) And last but not least, I am definitely not going to feel sorry for myself, because God has blessed me so much!

I might miss my 'braided tresses', but after all, it's just hair!


  1. Sitting here crying read such an amazing post Shar! May God pour such joy into your precious heart for being such a blessing to us! (((hugs)))


  2. such a fun date night :)
    I LOVED your 'bob.' I thought you looked so grown-up and mature! I was so proud of how well you handled yourself that day with all of the attention you received. Thanks for the reminder that we should focus on our hearts and not on our appearance :)

  3. Lovely post. I appreciate the reminder that the children in China don't always have options on even simple things like how to wear their hair. Thank you.

    Joyful Mama at We Are Grafted In

  4. For a young lady, you are mature beyond your years! What a wonderful thing you are doing, sweetheart, taking into consideration the children in our world (in China) who, unlike many of us in the west, have NO choices; even about what seems the simplest of things.
    God bless you as you prepare to give and as you train your heart to give sacrificially.
    Mom to both a girl and a boy from China.

  5. Sharya,

    Ypu amaze me! You are such a sweet girl!

    And I think you will look great when you get your hair cut again!