Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Please Pray!!!

Hey everyone!

The Berzenji family hasn't received their invitation to go and bring Bing home from China yet. Their adoption agency's next trip is in September and we are all hoping and praying that they will receive their invitation before then. Please pray for them!!!

I have exciting news! My mom is planning to go with Mrs. Berzenji to China to bring Baby Bing home, so she won't have to go by herself! I'm very excited for her, because she has always wanted to go to China and cuddle babies. She might not be able to this time, but it's a starter! She's going to basically help Mrs. Berzenji with whatever she needs. Because Bing needs to learn who his mom is, Mrs. Berzenji will be the only one holding him, feeding him, bathing him and comforting him.

I'll post immediately when they get their invitation! And again, please pray!!!!!

In case you haven't watched this music video, I'm posting this in honor of Bing.

We can't wait for you to come home Bing, your parents are trying so hard to get you here!!!!

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